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The Martha Challenge: Spiderweb Florentines

It's time for my second installment of my monthly "Martha Challenge" where I choose 4 things out of the current issue of Martha Stewart Living to do and write about here (check out the September issue challenge HERE). This month I thought that I would break it into 4 separate posts so you can follow along throughout the week. First, we start with something sweet because who doesn't like dessert first?

The Martha Challenge: The Redesign and 4 To-Do's

I have always loved Martha Stewart Living and have a library of back issues in my office to prove it. Looking back through them, I found a Valentine's issue from February 2002 with a chocolate meringue tort on the cover. Even back then the beauty found in something so simple, so elegant amazed me. Maybe this was the start of my magazine obsession. It definitely pushed me to love food and love styling my everyday.