I have a slight obsession with wrapping presents. Sometimes my gifts are better on the outside than they are on the inside!

Yesterday I wrapped a gift for a baby shower that I am going to this weekend for one of my dear friends and her soon-to-be-son and I thought that you might want to see how I put it together!

Present for baby boy shower

A couple of pointers:

First, keep a well stocked wrapping station. The key is to buy wrapping materials when you see them. I picked up this woodgrain paper at the Container Store when I was running errands one day. I didn’t know when I was going to use it but thought it would be great for a gift for a guy (sometimes cool boy paper is hard to find). I also love to look for wrapping materials on sale. Go ahead and pick up all your Christmas wrapping when it goes on sale after the holidays and use it next year.

Then, be resourceful! This geometric light blue/aqua paper is left over wallpaper from our kitchen renovation. I love using newspaper, old maps or hand painted butcher paper. Wrapping paper does not have to be expensive (or new) to be adorable. That goes for gift tags too. I really like using those paper coasters that are so trendy right now to tie on a package.

Finally, always have some good sized boxes on hand. I don’t believe in gift bags (lazy). The right size (and shape) box will make or break your package. I bought the square box that I’m using here at Target on sale for 99 cents. I actually bought like 5 and have used them all. They are cute enough to not even wrap—just tie a bow around—or wrap them up to match whatever you’re theme is.
Ok, get to the wrapping already …

Always wrap a gift with the recipient in mind (or the party you are attending). If the invitation is grey and yellow, wrap your gift in grey and yellow. Your gift will not only go with the party decor but the hostess will appreciate you sticking with the theme. If you’re buying off a registry (like I was here), pay attention to the colors the recipient likes.

I decided to wrap the bottom and tops of these boxes because moms always open gifts in front of everyone at baby showers. Someone ripping off all your hard work is brutal. Why not spend a little extra time and wrap them like in the movies where a package can be elegantly opened (not ripping involved)? Plus, she can totally reuse the boxes in the baby’s room for storage (or regift them!). Plus the bottom of one of my boxes was already brown so I only had the wrap the top of the large box.

Use double-sided tap for clean edges. A messy package is a ugly package. Just saying …

Wrapping Present

Now for the best part, the ribbon! I always use double-faced satin ribbon. Order it in every color from Nashville Wraps. Quality ribbon makes all the difference and when you receive a nice package, save the ribbon. There is no shame in reusing! I am still reusing the gorgeous white satin ribbon from all my Registry boxes from when I got married.

Tying Ribbon

Always make a personalized tag. I just drew the baby’s monogram on a left over watercolor scrap that I had from a shower that I threw months ago. It cost me nothing and makes the package ultra-persaonl. I also sometimes like to tie an object to the package. Maybe a baby rattle or pacifier for a baby shower like this or an ornament around the holidays. It’s like an accessory that completes the outfit of your package.

Tag Making

I ended up adding a bit of yarn that I had from a package that I had received from someone. Just a little something extra to make is fun and a little softer.

Close Up Wrapping

I loved how it ended up (love the mix in patterns) and can’t wait to see my fiend open it! This time the gift is better than the wrapping (you’ll just have to wait to see what’s inside) … who doesn’t love baby things!?