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Nutella Brownies with Pretzel Graham Cracker Crust

Lately I have been snacking on pretzels dipped in Nutella. Sweet and salty. A dangerous combination. One afternoon while scraping the bottle of the Nutella jar with the very last pretzel (don't you dare judge me), I had a thought ... a brilliant thought. Why not make Nutella brownies with a pretzel crust? I didn't know just how brilliant this idea was until I made them. And ate them. All.

Oreo and Red Velvet Truffles

With Valentine's Day this weekend I wanted to make something special for my love but needed it to be doable during nap time. Now that our little one has arrived—days are filled with feedings, diapers and lots of rocking. Yes, our lives have changed forever (and we are over the moon) but my passion for cooking and creating has not, so somehow I found the time to make these Oreo and Red Velvet Truffles for Jacobs as a little Valentine's treat.

12 Days of Christmas: Peppermint Cheesecake

The final present in my "12 Days of Christmas" series is one of our family's favorite Christmas traditions. Every year for Christmas dinner we make a Peppermint Cheesecake. How does this correspond with "12 drummers drumming" you ask? Well, this year, I not only made our traditional cheesecake but also made frozen Peppermint Cheesecake Drumsticks—which is the perfect special treat for the kids (and the kids at heart) in your family after Christmas dinner!

12 Days of Christmas: Chocolate Eclairs

These chocolate eclairs are one of our family's absolute favorite desserts. My mom taught me how to make them (like a lot of the recipes on this blog) and I have to tell you, they take a little practice to make sure they come out perfect. The key? The more you make them, the more you get the hang of the correct consistency of the 3 different batters (dough for the choux pastry, the custard filling and the chocolate icing).