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A Wedding to Remember

Today marks Jacobs and my two year wedding anniversary. What a happy two years it has been! It's always so fun to look back through our wedding photos. I thought I would post some of my favorites here on the blog today and share some of the details with you. Happy Anniversary, Love—what an incredible event to kick off our marriage together! Friends and extremely talented photographers, Mary and Adam Rosenbaum of Mary Rosenbaum Photographs documented the day—I can't say enough great things about not only their work but the people they are. Amazing.

Window Shopping Down Franklin's Main Street

With the seasons changing, I am suddenly energized to spruce up my home. Running down Franklin's Main Street yesterday, I had to stop and peer into some of my favorite home stores for a little inspiration. Franklin is chock-full of amazing boutiques and shops that I love to frequent. These are just some of my favorite home stores on Main Street.Here's a map to help when you go!