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Summer S’mores Party

Among my favorite things about being a kid were the campfires my family built on cool summer evenings. I remember how we would search the yard for the perfect sticks that we would later use to toast fluffy marshmallows. Once their snow-white skins turned golden brown and their insides gooey, we'd sandwich them together with chocolate bars between graham crackers and devour the fire-kissed confections always asking for “s’more.”

We’ll Drink to That: How to Throw an At-Home Wine Tasting Party

I recently styled a photoshoot for the fall/winter issue of Nashville Lifestyles At Home (on newsstands now). They asked me to show how to throw a dinner party at home. I thought an at-home wine tasting would be a fun fall party that might be intimidating at first, but something that is really simple to plan and the perfect treat for friends and family moving into the holidays.

12 Days of Christmas: A French Themed Cocktail Party

The holidays are all about getting together with the ones you love. I love entertaining and having people over but sometimes a big dinner party is overwhelming for not only you but your guests too (who might have several different parties to attend in one weekend). That's why I love having a small intimate cocktail hour where friends can just stop in and then head to their next affair.

Tea Party: If Teacups Could Talk

As a little girl my grandmother (whom we affectionately call "Honey Mama") would host tea parties in her kitchen for me and my cousins. She had a small tea table and chairs that were just our size that she would set with her fine china and silver tea set. She'd bring a vase full of flowers in from her Williamsburg garden and make tea sandwiches, cheese and crackers and always had an assortment of gourmet cookies (I vividly remember Mint Milanos).