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Brownie Ice Cream Layer Cake

Lots of summer birthdays lately and of course I always volunteer to make the birthday cake! My best friend Elizabeth's 30th is tomorrow but we celebrated with a surprise party over the weekend. Her favorite dessert is brownies and ice cream so I decided to make her fav into the shape of a birthday cake—a brownie and ice cream layer cake.

Strawberry Shortcake Cake and A 30th Birthday Girl

This past weekend we celebrated one of my closest girlfriend's 30th birthday. She invited us all over for dinner (because that's what we do when we get old ... we throw ourselves dinner parties) and I convinced her to let me bake her birthday cake. She requested a Strawberry Shortcake but not with shortcake (shortbread) but with cake cake ... So, a Strawberry Shortcake Cake? I was happy to invent something new—always up for  a good challenge.

Carrot Cake, A Family Tradition

I always make a cake for my family's Easter celebration (one year it was in the shape of a bunny ... sometimes I get carried away). With the holiday quickly approaching, I can't decide which spring favorite to bake, so I thought I'd make several options in the weeks leading up to Easter to help decide. First, the Carrot Cake.