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Spring Cleaning: Pantry Perfect

An organized pantry is a real relief for the home cook. Knowing where your go-to items are, and having a system in place to re-stock the pantry when necessary helps in meal planning and grocery shopping. When you know where everything is, you’ll waste less and thus spend less. Plus, getting that panty in order is easier than you think!

The Gracious Guest: DIY Gift Baskets

As we move into the season of summer entertaining, backyard barbecues, ladies luncheons, and kids parties will fill our calendars. It’s so important to be a gracious guest and when someone goes out of their way to feed and entertain you, show your gratitude with a little something for the host.

DIY: Watercolor Easter Eggs

While dying eggs may be fun, it's far from artistic. However, with watercolors, painting blown eggs or hard boiled eggs can become true works of art. Using watercolor paints or simple food coloring, you can create soft watery designs in beautiful pastel colors. It is a great interactive project for kids to share in without the mess and monotony of dying.

Top 5 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

January is a hard month. It's right after the holidays. We're all a little heavier and have a little less money. It's cold and sunny days seem few-and-far-between. The "winter blues" have set in. I've found myself having to make an effort on a daily basis to stay motivated and have to make a conscience effort through the cold months to keep my energy up.

12 Days of Christmas: A French Themed Cocktail Party

The holidays are all about getting together with the ones you love. I love entertaining and having people over but sometimes a big dinner party is overwhelming for not only you but your guests too (who might have several different parties to attend in one weekend). That's why I love having a small intimate cocktail hour where friends can just stop in and then head to their next affair.

10 Food Styling Tips to Make Your Food Photographs Delicious

I am speaking at the first annual Keen Digital Summit today and if you are going (spoiler alert!) this is my presentation. I have been asked to talk about food styling so I thought that I would put together a list of 10 really easy tips to help your food photographs look delicious. I thought it would be great to post here on the blog because this is not only for you food bloggers out there but also for any and everyone that takes pictures of food—you know that you've posted a dozen on Instagram!

DIY: Aqua Freckle Pumpkins

A couple of weeks ago I decorated my fall table with some rustic hand-painted craft pumpkins that I used as planters for cabbage (check it out here!). I have been dying to paint some more for my kitchen counter since then and knew that I wanted to make them aqua (my fav color). I also wanted to carve these to make them a little more fun—not so serious! Borrowing Jacobs' drill made that super simple.

Gift-Bags Are Lazy ... Wrap A Box!

I have a slight obsession with wrapping presents. Sometimes my gifts are better on the outside than they are on the inside! Yesterday I wrapped a gift for a baby shower that I am going to this weekend for one of my dear friends and her soon-to-be-son and I thought that you might want to see how I put it together!