I’m always looking for new and creative ways to decorate for the holidays without purchasing all-new decorations each year. This fun DIY project utilizes your favorite Christmas decor in snowy scenes under glass.


This Pinterest worthy project is super simple (not to mention affordable) to create at home. Start by collecting a variety of jars you want to use to create your display—everything from vintage ball jars, hurricanes (like these hand blown beauties from The Barn Door Co.), and decorative glass bell-jars will work. Don’t think you have to break the bank either; cleaned recycled jelly jars and mason jars would be just as adorable.


Next, choose the contents for your wintery scenes. It seems that glittery Christmas figurines are all the rage. Snowmen, santas, angels and trees covered in glitter line the shelves of all the stores. Take advantage of the trend—they look beautiful under glass. Or, even better, showcase some of your own favorite christmas ornaments, trinkets and family heirlooms. A handmade ornament displayed under glass automatically feels special.


Finally, construct your snowy scenes by adding faux snow (or salt) to each jar. Display your chosen Christmas decor in each, adding brush trees, candy canes, and small ornaments in each to help fill the space. Teeny sleds, animals, and trees can be found at craft stores in the doll house section for little expense and help make these wintery scenes undeniably charming.

Display your creations down the center of a dinning table, on a kitchen island or entry table. Use cake stands to create varying heights and interrogate candles in votives and additional jars to help add a little more sparkle.
Your children will be in awe of the snow-globe-like scenes and guests will love admiring the personality of each winter wonderland that is both playful and elegant.
Jars available at The Barn Door Co.

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