Here’s what I’m loving this week!


1. I’m sorry, I know it’s still February but I can’t wait for Easter! I shot an Easter Table this week (can’t wait for you to see!) and bought these eggs from the Amish at the Franklin Farmer’s Market. So beautiful.


2. And the PIES continue … I am still working on shooting a pie book and can’t believe I’m 71 pies down and two weeks from wrapping. My top Instagram pic from this week was a Peanut Butter Cup Pie. I love it’s perfect imperfection—a beautiful mess.

I love this pin on Pinterest. I’m so looking forward to some warmer weather and can’t wait to make this Avocado Bruschetta with Balsamic Reduction.


3. We were supposed to go to MStreet’s newest Italian restaurant last night—MOTO but couldn’t go because of the weather. I can’t wait to try! Also, ETCH (one of my favorites) has a new lunch menu. Lobster Hoagie with lobster salad, lamb bacon, avocado and korean red chili cucumbers? Yes, please.


4. I’ve been baking A LOT of pies lately which brought me to this adorable Pie Crimping video. Libbie Summers is adorable. Love everything she does.


5. I just ordered this calligraphy book. I love learning new things and calligraphy has long been on my list. One of my best friends is the most amazing calligrapher, check out her website, (see if you can spot my wedding!). 


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My friend’s over at Hogan Road posted my Skinny Margarita Recipe on their blog today.
They have the CUTEST jewelry (at really reasonable prices). Go. Buy. You’re welcome.