All my time lately is spent making and photographing pies. I’m on number 33 out of 100 for a cookbook I’m shooting but I am still out and about making things happen! Here are some of my favorite things this week:

Instagram And Pinterest

1. My top Instagram pic from this week was a picture of … you guessed it … a pie! Not just any pie, my favorite, Key Lime Pie. I have been really good so far about not eating all these pies (12 pies a week would make anyone’s waistline explode!) but I couldn’t resist a piece of this Key Lime. Don’t mind if I do.

Everyone on Pinterest looks to be ready for spring and Valentine’s Day. Maybe that’s why my post on growing wheat grass has been re-pinned so many times. I have some seeding right now for an Easter photoshoot.

Judith Bright

2. Judith Bright (one of my absolute favorite local jewelry designers) has moved her boutique to 12South. It opened yesterday and I can’t wait to run by there this afternoon!

Cheese Soufflé

3. Jacobs loves Panera’s Three Cheese Soufflés and I found this homemade recipe on Can’t wait to make them tomorrow morning.


4. I’m still hooked on the chalkboard art trend. I have been using white paint pens but think that this chalk pencil is a way better idea.


5. My girlfriend just started the Poor Kids Supper Club. The concept? Basically a monthly location is announced; those interested submit their name to the guest list. You are notified if you make the guest list and on the 3rd Thursday of the month you go out to dinner! Best part? Each person chips in the same amount and shares an amazing meal (appetizers, entrees and dessert) for an incredible price. Meet new people, try new restaurants, don’t break the bank. Brilliant, Valerie!


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