East Nashville has become one of Music City’s trendiest neighborhoods. Growing up in the Nashville area, I don’t ever remember heading over the river into East Nashville and even now when I go I am still unaware of connecting streets. There are a handful of local businesses there now though that are definitely worth the drive.

Here are a couple of my absolute favorite East Nashville haunts:


1. Barista Parlor, baristaparlor.com

Ok, so this coffee shop is totally “hipster” but incredibly fabulous. You feel like you’re in a converted warehouse in Brooklyn complete with vintage motorcycles and baristas in artisan waxed canvas aprons. The food is good (get The Southern Frenchman), the coffee is great (love the Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Latte) and the desserts are ever-changing (one word … macaroons). Go when the weather is nice and enjoy the open garage doors or outside patio. Best part? All the incredible local artists that are showcased there—from the menus and tables to the light fixtures and serving plates, everything is BEAUTIFUL.

Hey Rooster

2. Hey Rooster General Store, heyrooster.com

Courtney Webb, the owner of Hey Rooster, has done an incredible job of curating her East Nashville general store. I can always find great gifts for friends (handmade jewelry, art and tea-towels) and absolutely love her artisan food picks. Interesting flavored simple syrups, beautiful bitters, spicy pickles, beer and pretzel flavored toffee, bloddy mary mix, chai spice peanut butter, bread mix, chocolate chai tea and more grace her shelves.


3. Marche Artisan Foods, marcheartisanfoods.com

Oh, Marche. The food of my dreams. I still think about this fresh-baked wheat toast with homemade ricotta cheese topped with fresh pears drizzled in honey. I may have to frame this picture for my house. This European style cafe serves fresh, simple, seasonal food the way that it is meant to be eaten. Go for brunch, order a cappuccino (and maybe a mimosa), whatever the special of the day is and grab a cookie on your way out at the pastry counter. You’ll thank me.

Porter Road

4. Porter Road Butcher, prbutcher.com

I told you about PRB and The Bloomy Rind in my last post about putting together the perfect cheese tray (HERE). If I lived close, I would pick up meat from this butcher every day for dinner. They are helpful, kind, everything is fresh and they have great locally-sorced selections.


5. Silly Goose, sillygoosenashville.com

Silly Goose is one of my favorite lunch spots. This tiny restaurant packs a huge flavor punch. Order any of the sandwiches or couscous. I try something different every time I go and have yet to be disappointed.


6. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, jenis.com

Now that 12South has a Jeni’s, it’s not quite the mysterious “only the hipster East Nashvillians’ ice cream” anymore. Now the 12South hipsters can get their goat cheese, bramble berry crisp, Loveless Cafe biscuits and peach jam concoctions too. Hipster or not, the ice cream is ridiculous. Drop your ice cream on the ground? … Eat it off the sidewalk good.


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