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Espresso Banana Bread

Espresso Banana Bread

Bunny Coconut Cupcakes

I”ve been holding out on you … I’ve been making this banana bread twice a month for the last year and am just now sharing the recipe with you! I feel bad because it is SO GOOD!

It is the perfect banana bread—just the right texture (a mix of gooey and cakey), easy to make, and healthy (so you don’t feel so bad when you eat half the loaf right out of the oven).


This recipe has some really wonderful subtle flavor profiles. I love the hint of espresso and the strong banana flavor. The use of coconut oil and greek yogurt not only ups the health factor but also brings a great texture to the loaf.


I like to make a loaf at the beginning of the week and then every morning toast a slice, add just a little butter, and eat it along side a cup of tea.

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