Sorry I’ve been a little MIA this week. I have locked myself in my house to cook, style and photograph an upcoming cookbook. Can’t wait for you to see it but for now everything is under wraps (get sneak peeks as I go on my Instagram  shhh!).

Here’s what I’m crazy about this week!

Baby Animal Prints1. I saw these framed baby animal prints from The Animal Print Shop when we were in Boston and fell in love! I don’t have babies yet, but when I do, these will be a nursery must. 


2. My top Instagram pic from this week was a picture of a Pecan Pie I made for the cookbook I am shooting. It’s very similar to the Southern Living Salted Caramel Chocolate Pecan Pie I made for Thanksgiving this year.

My Pinterest followers are still loving holiday treats, pinning my Easy French Macaroons recipe. A pistachio flavor is in the works!

Washington Schoo lHotel

3. Gushing over the Washington School House Hotel in Park City. When can I move in?

Food Photography

4. I am immersed in food photography right now and has some really great tutorials and tricks of the trade.

Mustard Chicken

5. I made this Crispy Mustard Chicken with Carrots recipe from for dinner one night this week and just loved it! I used sough dough bread instead of rye, just used chicken breasts and served it with steamed broccoli. Putting it on rotation.

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Pick up a copy of YOUR Williamson (or read it HERE) this month and check out my KALE article. So excited about my new column in this Williamson County publication!